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Women CAN seperate Emotion from SEX!

by Victoria Grant

I had a discussion last night with a good friend of mine who happened to be of the opposite sex 'Male' and the major topic of debate was 'can women can separate emotion from sex.'

The century’s old views that we girls cannot get intimate with someone unless we want their babies and marriage still float around reminding guys all over the world that the for-mentioned cant be done. However I have a different view!

In my humble opinion which may be a tad bias considering that I view all my ladies as 'Super woman.' I believe that it is indeed possible for girls to stay in control of their emotions and still become sexual with a another.

It may be true that our side of the species are a lot more in touch with our feelings but the truth is that all emotions are accessed and initiated from the mind. And we all know the saying:

~when a woman’s fed up there is nothing you can do about it~


If a woman has entered a period of her life where she has vision for her future, satisfaction with her present and gratitude for her past then she is fully equip to then deal with situations 'even intimate ones' with joy and acceptance. Instead of feeling used, abused and victimised. She will feel empowered and aligned in belief that everything happens for a reason.

'And that whatever she goes through in life is a result of divine guidance.'

When a woman is confident about who she is it becomes more difficult for 'just anyone' to get close intimately with her as her high standards and powerful intuition will prevent 'losers' from even entering her arena.

So yes women can seperate emotion from sex but only once they are emotionaly balanced within and thus ready for any outcome.

Love and Light x

Victory Granted

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