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Why You Will 'Never' be a Super - Star

by Victoria Grant

In today's TV and media culture it is clear that certain individuals around the globe for one reason or another are worshipped for their celebrity status.

Many realise fame through reality shows or due to their various sporting, acting and musical talents, family name or blood line.

It is true that there are thousands of celebrities promoted to us in the various magazines, news and on TV.

However even in the world of celebrity comes a hierarchy.

~With super-stars at the top~

Up until now you may have been conditioned to believe that in order to be a superstar you must display great talent, and a magnificent network around you to be on top of your game.

That only 'some' or the 'chosen few' are born to be great and that if you do not possess such talents as mentioned above that you will never join the ranks of those deemed superstars.

However this is not true!

Superstar is just another way of saying that 'someone is recognised as being an expert in their field' and that their expertise are noticed by others, thus they become a leader in their field.

'And that can be any field. Literally'

Superstars are passionate about what they are doing and work excessively hard and smart to perfect their craft.... Whatever that may be.

~Turning talent in to skill requires daily practice~

And practice makes perfect!

Being a superstar is not so much 'what you do' but 'how you do it.' Be like an Olympic champion in everything you do, say, feel, act and think.

There are hundreds and thousands of 'secret superstars' that are not promoted in the media. Such as exceptional parents, doctors, teachers, caretakers, typists, maids, cooks, lawers, accountants, nurses, janitors and more...

These people take pride in what they do and ensure that they meet their highest standards at all times.

Within their families, departments, teams and various industries they are known as 'the best' They are in their own right superstars.

If you take pride in everything you do and attack situations with a positive win win state of mind then you are on the right track to being the best in your field. No matter what you do 'do it well and with passion and gratitude.

Do not curse because you are not doing something else. Be thankful for what you have and display gratitude through your labour. Always think to yourself 'how can I improve and do this better.'

If you are passionate about making a difference in the world it will shine from within and you too will be recognised as a superstar.

Love and Light x

Victory Granted

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