A single Girls Guide to Happiness!

Why you May FAIL ....

by Victoria Grant

Everyday I receive more Bills in the post, I hate my body, I need a holiday, Life is so hard and unfair, why do rich people have all of the money, my friends are all so much luckier than me, I will never be able to afford that luxury item, lifes a bitch and then you die, others can rarely be trusted, the economy is failing fast, illuminates are controlling the masses, young people are so disrespectful nowadays, its always raining blah blah blah.........

Whatever you fill your mind with daily will 'Manifest' in to your reality! You will be attracted to everything that justifies your beliefs.

What you believe you receive.... So focus on the GREAT things in your life as there are two sides to ever coin!

Everyday I receive cheques in the mail, my body serves me well always, I visualise beautiful holidays until I arrive, life is what I make it, rich people are just like me, I create my own luck, the air I breathe is a luxury, life is a lesson and when learned I can transcend unto the next realm, everyday we trust each other we are all connected, this is a perfect economy for new ideas and pioneers like me, I focus on what I can control then no-thing controls me, It is up to us adults as role models to set the foundations for todays young people, I love the rain i fertilizes the ground that carries me.

The latter affirmations are a lot more healthy for your mind and will in turn create a fruitful life of joy not pain.

Think in 'Grattitude'

Love and Light

Victory Granted

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