A single Girls Guide to Happiness!

Why Life is like Football :o)

by Victoria Grant

I think of life like a game of football..

1 - The pitch of approximately (109) metres long = Success Ground 'where everyone wants to be' So vast yet houses so few..

2 - The 11 players = The most successful in their field - controling a pitch that could house up to 6500 people

3 - The two Goal posts = The Goals + Targets to hit

4 - The Football = The constant changing challenges one faces daily

5 - The Goalie = A final test of skill to move up one level

6 - The Coaches = Mentors and instil discipline

7 - The Fans = The masses / spectators 'in life' overlooking the minority that are expressing their fullest potential

8 - The opposite team = A reminder that there is always someone else ready to take an opportunity if you don’t

9 - The Team = The mastermind group, experts that can support one and other in reaching goals and making dreams come true

10 - The prize = Glory, adoration, happiness, achievement, contentment, peace, freedom.

So where are you when it comes to your game of life? Are you sitting in the stalls as a spectator! Or are you on the pitch making moves to manifest your dreams?

Who is in your 'mastermind group?'

'It is said that we are the average of the 5 people closest to us'

Who are your mentors/coaches? are they helping you get to where you want to be?

What is your Prize?

Think for a second...Ask yourself those questions, and make the necessary adjustments NOW!

Love and Light x

Victory Granted

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