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Why Discipline does NOT = Success

by Victoria Grant

When I think about being disciplined it brings forth uncomfortable feelings such as fear and hidden insecurities. The true meaning of the word means:

''To follow a particular code of conduct or "order". Often, the phrase "to discipline" carries a negative connotation. This is because enforcement of order–that is, ensuring instructions are carried out–is often regulated through punishment.''

So many coaches and gurus advise that in order for you to be successful at anything you must first get disciplined in that area. However the thought of being made to follow a particular order every day 'otherwise there will be punishment' is not intriguing to most of us.

You may believe that if you do not carry out your daily duties there will be punishment which also equates to pain. And none of us walk in to situations consciously if we know we will be hurt. But it is true that if you want success you 'must' work hard at your craft whatever that is each day to obtain better and better results.

So what is the answer?

Well personally I find that rather than focusing on what I don’t want 'which in this case is discipline' I focus on what I do want! Instead of seeing myself 'having to exercise, make the bed, get in on time, pay the bills, start a business etcetera... I see the results.

And the results of discipline are total Empowerment.

By fixated on the end feelings I ignore the process it may take no matter how hard or long.

~The goal is empowerment~

So the next time you want to kick start a new activity or release an old one in your life think about the end rather than the beginning. Visualise in your minds eye exactly how you will feel every time you reach the goal you have set.

Feel elated, see your smile and laughter and let that be the drive that carries you forward and convinces you to 'stick to it' when the going gets rough. As it will inevitably get!

Ditch Discipline for Empowerment.

Kind Regards

Victory Granted x

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