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To be Successful you 'MUST FIRST BE' Successful... x

by Victoria Grant

In order for you to be successful and to achieve the dream life that you have always imagined you must first become a success at overcoming barriers that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself.

You cannot have the level of success you desire if you are living within your comfort zone of that 'Good old familiar.'

If you are suffering from low self esteem, fear and insecurities about the unknown, harmful addictions, negative thoughts and beliefs or any other thing that is consuming your greatness, You will need to release these from your life successfully for your dreams to be able to fully manifest.

~Success is not a destination it is a journey. A journey of self control and expression~

Everything in this Universe operates as 'Motion' a constant flow of energy from all of natures beings and you are no exception from the rule.

If you are breathing air then you too are a part of this magnificent creation. And therefore weather you are conscious of it or not your life is always moving.

'So move in the direction of your dreams!'

If you are not moving forward then you are likely to be moving in a circle around and around like a funfair wheel never quite tasting the beauty of life but rather opting merely to survive. And that would be ok if your purpose was just that. But it is not...

You were born to be greater than generations before you, a proud masterpiece of your ancestors who laid the foundation for your existence here today.

You have unlimited untapped potential just waiting to burst out so that you too can make a difference in the lives of others and your own.

So success breeds success!

Whatever you want to become in life you must first 'be.' Get comfortable with the process of being uncomfortable knowing that in the latter zone 'hero's are made and dreams do come true.'

Too often we are told that successful people are just 'lucky' or were dealt a finer hand but what they fail to explain is that even those born in to money and wealth descend from families that at on point made the choice to think outside of the box, get creative, take massive action and work towards their 'best life.'

Just because you may not physically see someone's struggle 'trust me' somewhere along the blood line someone had to suffer initially in order to learn and grow in to the empire they created.

So be the change for your family, self and others. Set the foundation for future generation's those will never meet such as your ancestors have done for you.

There is nothing wrong with 'dreaming big' as long as you wake up early and apply what you need to to make that dream a reality.

The only one standing between your success is you and your thoughts of the unknown.

If you have been going around in circles thus far fighting demons within then 'Now' is the perfect time to get help, support, guidance or whatever else you need to break the old habits that are holding you back.

Love and Light

Victory Granted x

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