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The Truth about Breaking Up x

by Victoria Grant

In actual fact there are no such hings as break up's. Think about it, when you enter a relationship you are a whole person and so is your mate. Therefore when the relationship ends and you two part ways nothing is broken at all, as you are both still whole.

'Choosing to finish a relationship does not mean that it is broken it is simply complete.'

~People will enter your life for a reason a season or a lifetime~

Do not be intent on trying to hold on to people and situations that no longer serve you.

Completing a relationship is not a bad thing, hopefully you took the lesson, the child or whatever other thing you were supposed to achieve from it and can move on.

No 'thing' lasts forever, so instead of cursing in the dark about how it could or should have been remember there is a reason and a season for all things.

Not all summer romances turn in to marriage and not all marriages last. This does not mean that you were not in love all it means is that the love you have has changed.

You may see yourself or the other person differently and it just became time to follow separate paths.

Wish your ex well for they were part of your special journey called life and above all know that you are complete in and out of a relationship.

Love and Light - Victory Granted x

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