A single Girls Guide to Happiness!

Stop the WEED X

by Victoria Grant

Weeds take over your garden.. They destroy the beauty that is the landscape of mother nature,

They smother and suffocate all that is new and beautiful and if left untamed will eventually grow so wild that it will take immense man power to control.

So what are the weeds in your life?

What is holding back your creativity and shine... It could be harmful addiction or maybe you actually smoke weed. Whatever it is if you allow it to take over the garden that is your mind you will find it difficult to ever live out your fullest potential.

Addictions and unhealthy habits have a way of controlling you to a point where everything else is secondary in your life.

Plans you make are left to be accomplished 'some day' while you stay boxed in and comfortable with current circumstance. Your mind fills with thoughts of obtaining your preferred poison until you get it again.

There is no room for you to be your creative self if you are fulfilling those sabotaging desires.

Your mind can be a beautiful garden of Eden or it can be overgrown with weeds. It is up to you!

You are the keeper of your mind so take care to nurture, water, sing, love, bathe it.

Love and Light

Victory Granted x

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