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Why your still Single?

Do you find yourself ever asking yourself 'why am I still single' how come all my friends are happily settled in relationships planning beautiful futures with one and other and I just can not seem to get it right...

Why am I the only single one left in the bunch, what is wrong with me, or will I ever find my soul mate?'

If these or similar thoughts are floating around in your mind then take heart as you are certainly not alone. Whatever the reasons may be there are in fact more single girls walking around in today's society than ever before.

And I believe that there are two reasons for this....

1- You want a partner but have  a ridiculous list of expectations for a partner 'some that you don't even have for yourself. 


2 – You are not prepared enough emotionally, spiritually or even financially to meet your match as you have not yet evolved in to the best version of you.

So which one fits the bill for why you are still single?

If you are leaning more to number 1 then it could be that you have either reached the pinnacle in your journey of self and as a result your awakening has brought with it clarity about the standard's you have set for yourself, and you now seek those in another 'which can be hard to find' as no one is exactly like you no matter how similar. Or maybe you are 'shopping above your budget' meaning that what you seek in another person Eg: healthy, wealthy, balanced, happy and secure you have not yet achieved for yourself yet.

When you have discovered yourself fully and feel empowered everyday. Seeing life as the true blessing that it is and manifesting your hearts desires your energy begins to vibrate in the universe on a different level. If you find yourself feeling out of sync when it comes to dating and are not yet connecting with someone on the sort of levels you are hoping for then maybe you are still playing the same cards you did when you were not so enlightened.

Remember that you are now on a higer plane than most as you are concious of your concousness. You are being held in a position of love by the creators and although they see your lonely tears you are being fully protected. Right now you are like a butterfly preparing yourself from the inside and sticking to your plans so that in the right season 'decided by the creators' you will open your wings and emerge in to a beautful new beginning.

Who knows where your Mr Right is? Hopefully he is out there preparing himself for you. Think about it for a minute, If the type of man you desire is like you. He too is outstanding and knows his worth.

Confident in his abilities to take care of you, you will need to be ready to do the same.

Always have faith and know that you get what you need when you need it and never before!.

If however you can relate to number 2 on the list then its high time you decided exactly what you want from life. And that is the precise reason I created this website. There are sections to get you finacially and spirtually fit so that you are ready too when the time comes to have your pick of the best.

Don't sit in anguish hoping that someday things will change. Take back control!

~If you don't have a plan for your life it will have a plan for you~

Work on becoming the kind of person you want to attract and eventually they will show up.

But if you still choose to remain on 'some day island'  then don't expect anything more than what you are currently getting.

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