A single Girls Guide to Happiness!


Every girl needs romance from time to time. Weather you are in a relationship or not! But what does it mean to you? To me it means sensuality, care and attention, sweet fragrances, heat, soft music and love.

Add more to your own list if you like!

When most people think of romance they imagine a couple in love sharing time together kissing, cuddling and exchanging gifts and they would be right.

However you are single right! So what can you do?....

If you are ready for dating then you could achieve a low level of romance from the various suitors you meet along the way. Through fine dining, flirting and being in the presence of someone you are attracted too. But if you are not currently ready to step in to the dating arena then there are still a few things you can do.

On all levels you are an outstanding girl and deserve a little tender loving care too. Begin by adopting a loving yourself mindset so that you have a solid foundation to build on as the person you will be romancing is you.

When is the last time you brought yourself flowers? Make sure you do this often, once a week is good. Fill your home with freshness and life. Spend an evening with just you and some champagne 'or drink of your choice if you like' set a nice full bubble bath and light some scented candles. Play your favourite soothing music in the background and relax.

When you have finished your bath slip in to a fresh clean lingerie, moisturise your skin and spray on your best perfume. Dance sing pray but above all remind yourself out loud how wonderful you are.

Whatever you would expect or hope another would do for you do it for yourself.

Create your own joy in your lifestyle and fill yourself with love. When the time is right for loving' you will be able to show your new partner just how sensual and loving you are.

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