A single Girls Guide to Happiness!

You are Single for a Reason...

You have to remember that if you are currently single then it is for a reason and it is also a choice. A choice you made either consciously or unconsciously.

Think for a moment about where you were before you became single. What kind of relationship where you in? Or have you never had a relationship before in your life?. Whatever the facts that contributed to your current status it remains true that you are here today because of you!

If you were cheated on in the past, abused in any way, feel insecure or have trust issues then you may believe that it was the other persons fault why you are now departed. You may still think that they are fully to blame for your current circumstances and if it wasn't for their actions and behavior you would still be in a happy relationship. But that would be a lie!

What someone else does to you as a result of their own insecurites have nothing to do with you apart from the lessons the experience presents for you to evolve in to a better version of yourself, raise your standards to be and expect better for your life.

Everyone you meet is an opportunity for growth, they will enter your life for a reason a season or a lifetime and when it comes to Exes it is usually for a 'reason.' Be thankful for the experience no matter how painful it was as it brought with it new growth for you and eventually freedom and wish them well understanding the importance of forgiveness.

See your single status as a reward not a punishment and remember  when you where in the last parts of your relationship merely going through the motions as you fell out of balance with your Ex, those nights you cried yourself to sleep and those moments when you just wanted to run away.

Think back to that time when you felt the intimacy falling away and even though you were in a relationship you were alone.

You could only imagine your life then as a single girl and although it may have seemed like a daunting task eventually the fear of the unknown was less scary than the familiar. Finally you reached a point where you knew 'enough is enough' and it was time to break up

As difficult as it may have been and weather it was by your decision or theirs ties were finally broken and you took the leap of faith in to being single. It is now time to love yourself

Now that you understand that you alone have chosen to be single. I want you to enjoy the journey as it will only last a season. 'Even on those lonely nights'

You are an outstanding girl so I know that soon enough when the cosmos decide and you are 'fully prepared' the One will appear.

Until then enjoy becoming a better you! For more advice on how to achieve this see my Ebook an A-Z Guide to being outstanding.

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