A single Girls Guide to Happiness!

Discover your life purpose..

Are you currently living out your purpose? Do you feel like you are contributing to others and your self, sharing your creative gifts with the world and filled with joy at each sunrise?

What are you currently doing each day towards becoming a better you so that in turn you can inspire others to do the same. When you are inspired its only natural that you will in turn inspire others.

What are some of those dreams that you had when you were a young girl. What did you imagine your future life look and feel like. Remember the way you used to play make believe in your mind about all of those wonderful things you would achieve and the great person you would become.

Ask yourself now! Did your dreams change in to bigger and better ones as you grew, are you currently experiencing or working towards them with all of your might. Or have you given up on your hopes and desires altogether believing that life got in the way?

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when there is a burning desire inside telling you that you can be so much more than your current circumstances, your intuition is guiding you to make the necessary changes now to manifest your dreams.

Listen to your inner voice as it never lies. The messages you receive from within come from the highest source of creation 'unconditional love.' it is there too guide support encourage and protect you so take heed.

If you do not yet know what your purpose is and feel like you are just blowing in the wind then it's time to have some fun.

Give thanks that you now know the moment has arrived for you to begin working towards the outstanding girl you were born to be.

Write down at least 7 things that you really enjoy doing 'add more' if 7 seems too easy. Be outrageous, think 'deep and out of the box' to uncover some gems.

Next write down 7 things that you are good at. You don't have to be excellent at this point 'there is always time to improve on skills' just something that you know you do well and may have been complimented on in the past. Be it art, maths, speaking, gardening, reading, climbing, cooking whatever it is go wild and get that list done.


Great, then lets move on!

Now you have your list of things that you enjoy and things that you are good at think of how you could marry the two to become of service to others. Be creative and make combinations and spider grams for what you could do.

~Doing what brings joy to yourself and others is your purpose~

If you are good at conversating and enjoy clubbing maybe you could be a club promoter or sales person.

If you enjoy cooking and maths maybe its time you worked as a buyer for famous resturants. Whatever it is that you decide keep in mind that it is up to you. There is no right or wrong just how you feel inside is the key.

Keep your eye out for inspiration don't wait for it to come, excersize your ability to create first in the mind and secondly on the physical plain. That way you control the things you can.

Remind yourself daily to make sure that your actions are reflecting your purpose and not hindering it. Stay true to the values that you hold dear and above all be outstanding.

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