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Life Plan

~If you do not have a plan for life it will have a plan for you~

In other words if you decide not to make provisions for exactly what you do want your days to look like then the time will inevitably pass and you will be left drifting along.

Weather or not you know what your purpose  is, it is your duty to make the most out of your time here on Earth not just for yourself but for others also.

We are all born with talents and gifts see Ebook keys to unlocking your power to enable us to help uplift mankind in some way. It is never the most gifted that succeed it is the most determined. You must create the mindset of a winner. Whatever field you are currently in or intend to join 'be your best.'

When you become sure of where you are going you do not mind how you get there!

Think of what you have done so far to date, it has led you to where you sit today. Are you completely satisfied with yesterdays decisions? If not don’t fret just make better decisions today. Always write down your goals and aspirations too, so that you can easily be reminded about what you are working towards.

Create vision boards, books or pages online 

If you were not raised in a family that had designed options for your future then 'that’s ok.' You can decide today that you are responsible for the remainder of your existence and as such you will now make an effort to work within your purpose and towards your dreams.

Some people decide to start their plan at the end and work backwards. For example 'see yourself in 5 years in detail, where you will live, car you drive, business you own, charities you support etcetera... ' and then go back year by year writing down how you achieved it.

Alternatively you can start today and action plan for the next 5 /10 / 15 years and more. Remember to be flexible in your approach as you know things change and anything can happen. The journey is apt to change however if the destination is clear and you know where you are going you will get there.

Have faith when the road feels bumpy and seek guidance and tools to aid you on your way. Have confidence that you can be single and outstanding and that this is the perfect time to love yourself and create the future you do want.

How much money do you want to be earning in the next few years? How will you earn that amount? If you need to do more training or go back in to education are willing to do it? Set yourself targets too work towards and leave excuses for 'why you cant' behind.

The only limits you have in life are those you place on yourself.

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