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So you have decided to explore the world of online dating! For most of us who have never tried it before it can seem like a daunting place..

An arena that dredges up memories of old school talk shows like Jerry Springer and Maury. A time where the internet was viewed as a wild an dangerous place to find love.

The stories ranged from stalking and child grooming to physical attacks. It seemed like a dark place where only the most desperate of people would attempt to meet the one.

But my how things have changed...

Literally over night its as though we have all been awaken to the many benefits of being online for both business and pleasure. A new age is upon us and its fair to say that most people in the world use the internet now as a part of their daily routines. 

In fact, its difficult for many businesses and individuals to function at all with out our world wide web.

If your anything like me then you probably have reservations with allowing websites to display your personal photos, likes and dislikes. Feeling a little uneasy at the thought of random men being able to glare at you from anywhere on earth.

well the truth of the matter is that things have evolved and as with everything

~if you are not going with the times your being left behind~

Online dating can be and should be incorporated if you have decided that it is your time for love. Leave no stone un-turned I say and options are always good.

As an outstanding girl you want to be in a position of power remember that the girl always chooses her mate. No matter who approached who first!

Use the internet as one of your many tools as a woman to attract what you desire and above all trust. Believe in yourself and not only will you have dinner dates to fill your calender with you can also make some new friends.

The great thing about doing it online instead of lets say a night club or bar, is that you get to read the other persons profile. The information on these eliminate the need for you to wonder about such things as someones star sign, age, longest relationship, weather they have chidren or pets, if they drive, what they do for a living, what they are looking for 'marriage etc' and much more.

Now I am not gullIble enough to believe that everyone's profile will be completely honest as there will always be a few 'loose balls' pretending to be something they are not. But for the most part people are like you 'simply looking for a companion.'

Remember that most profiles are a 'sales pitch' so is yours. Read what others say to get tips on improving your own and enjoy the ride.

Take the appropriate safety advice from whatever site you join and most of all have fun.

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