A single Girls Guide to Happiness!

Mr Right? 

who is this Mr right anyway? Or misses right depending on your style!

It seems that in these modern day age's the chances of a beautifully handsome man with all of the riches in the world or 'prince charming'  have about the same odds as winning the Euro millions jackpot.

The truth is that even if they do show up, fit, healthy, confident, happy, generous, funny, romantic, focused and all the rest of it. Will they want you?

Now i am not for one minute suggesting that you are not worthy of all of the above. Quite the opposite in fact! I know that you are. You truly deserve the world but are you acting that way. Do you believe by your actions and thoughts that you are capable of attracting and keeping this wonderful person?

What I am trying to get at put more simply 'are you Mrs right.' Are you confident, caring, sharing, focused, determined, healthy? Have you got your career or business on track of success? Because if you are not then I guarantee you that if Mr Right walked through the door you would not yet be on his radar.

Don't wait for the perfect partner, become that person so that when you do meet your match you will be fully prepared and have clarity in your own life already. You will be focused on what you can give to another rather than what they can bring to you.

Focus your energy on becoming the best version of you as possible. Everything happens in divine timing and 'for a reason.'

If your soul mate is showing up for you yet then please do not be discouraged. It is better to remain single than to be in an unhealthy relationship. Many of your friends and family members as well as celebrity couples who are in relationships are not happy. They stay in toxic situations due to fears of feeling alone, the kids, religion or a whole load of other excuses or in their mind 'reasons.'

Relationships take hard work and once the honeymoon period is over and the passion cools down there has to be a deep understanding and compassion felt to withstand the many trials to come.

You only get what you can handle and learn from in life, be it pleasure or pain and at some point we all need to grow up and take control of our own life.

Stick to the decisions you make and attain a clear balance from within. Only once that is achieved can Mr Right come along.

If you want an average relationship then be average. But I know you dont because you are an outstanding girl. You want the best and you are willing to become the best to get it.

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