A single Girls Guide to Happiness!


For you the single girl  money is especially important and should be high on your list of priorities along the many other things you desire to learn and know.

There is no time like now to begin teaching yourself about money. After all you are responsible for yourself and therefore need to realize that only you can create the lifestyle that you truly desire.

All of those wonderful places you want to visit, things you want to try and buy, charities you dream of starting and donating towards are all within your reach...

It is very possible for you to be outstanding and excel beyond your widest hopes! All you have to do is become a student....

A student of cash, stocks, shares, property, funds, pensions, high interest savings accounts, compounding and much more....

There are many books on financial literacy a good start may be Robert Kiyosaki's rich dad poor dad collection to start you on your way.

As with everything in life once you begin to look for something the universe provides all of the tools necessary to help. Try books, audio, video even read the financial sections in the broad sheet Newspapers. However you decide to do it just do.

The younger you start to save money then the more you will be able to accumulate for a lower initial amount put in, but no matter what age you are, something is better than nothing. There is no point depending on anyone else to look after you in your later years and why would you want to burden someone you love with that task anyway?


Your outstanding and as such it is imperative that you get to know more about managing and growing your finances than the average girl. It is true that it can not buy you happiness but it can buy you freedom.

Freedom from relying on the state, family, friends, an employer or anyone else!

When you are financially free you are your own boss, free to spend days and nights how you please instead of being ristricted by deadlines and rat races to make other people rich.

Focus on making yourself rich. Be the one who takes your family to a brand new luxury lifestyle. No longer worrying about bills or surviving on a budget. Raise your standards so that you can help those less fortunate than yourself.

Forget any myth about having to earn a certain amount before you get rich.  Just start where you are. Investigate high interest savings accounts as a start and put away at least one hour of your earnings every day.

Set up your payments to yourself first as per The automatic millionaire book via standing order 'not direct debit' to avoid any chance of charges.

Do this on a monthly basis directly in to your savings account.

~If the tax mans getting paid then why aren't you~

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