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What Men Want....

After completing my analysis of over 50 surveys from men across the globe of different races, ages, background, financial status and education I have concluded for you my beautiful girl a few of the things that they look for when finally deciding to settle down with someone.

Originally I was going to write this article and simply display the few questions had I asked on the survey and their answers. However when I read all answers fully there was a general consensus that rang through each one.

So instead I decided to collate the information and present it as below.....

So what do Men want?

They desire a lady who is confident, self sufficient, shows self respect has intelligence a pretty smile, and takes notice of his interests.

Guys want someone who in some ways replaces the role his mother once played. The protective, loving, nurturing, supportive and guiding light that gave him life. Not a partner who smothers and belittles his dreams but a person who he can depend on when times are hard to help uplift him on to the right track.

Females are supposed to improve their partners and give them new perspectives to life!

masculine and feminine energy needs each other like light and dark, one cannot survive without the other, there must to be balance!

'One must outweigh and compliment the others flaws'

It is true that initially the fellas are attracted to our physical aspects however looks themselves are just bait and will not keep them for the long haul. As a lady you must also posses qualities that cause him to not only want but to 'need' you.

As the 'proof is in the pudding' so they say... this makes guys take longer to decide if they want to commit and is loosely based on the fact that they are able to separate emotions much easier than us girls.

But once he is committed he truly is!  And there is nothing he would not do for you.....

Guys like girls who are classy as a rule. No guy wants someone who flirts and teases other dudes for attention. Save that for your time in the bedroom with him. Hold him down by respecting his views and manhood, do not compete with him unless you are playing a game as he already has to deal with competing with other men on a daily basis.

Remember that you are the female energy in the relationship and you are not supposed to agree on everything all of the time.

And that is the beauty of it...

You both bring something new and wonderful to the table that compliments the other. Learn from your differences and grow together.

It becomes your duty to set the standards and requirements for for your relationship. If you are with someone for a long time and they are not giving you what you need then it is because you have not explained and showed him fully what you are willing to stand for. If you want marriage, kids, a business, to immigrate etc.... then set a deadline and let him know.

He will either follow your wish or walk away. Either way you are enlightened and can move forward.

I believe that we are all searching knowingly or not for our other half's. That special someone that can make you look even deeper within yourself, who can inspire and support your dreams and who will listen and be loyal with your heart.

It may be easier to find that person if all of the superficial walls were knocked down from the start. And an understanding of what each other needs was made. And that is where you come in.

Mr right can only enter your life when you are ready to be Mrs right. So keep on working on you. Be classy be confident, be positive.

'Nothing keeps people away like a bad attitude.'

If you have children then be sure before introducing them to the person you are dating raising balanced children must be the most important thing and be forefront in your mind at all times.

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