A single Girls Guide to Happiness!

It's Time for Loving x

So your ready for some loving 'hey'

You have established yourself as an outstanding girl and are working within and towards your purpose, beautiful and confident both inside and out, you have set yourself high standards and you are now finally ready to meet the man of your dreams....

But what do you do now?

Its time to really begin visualizng the perfect partner for you starting in your mind. After all that is the only part of life that you have total control over. Have fun while imagining all of the wonderful experiences you will share together.

Be detailed in your visualizations and act as though you are experiencing each image in your mind right now, not some time in the future. Feel the emotions rise up inside as they would and smile, laugh and give thanks for it is already yours.

Make sure you are sticking to your daily rituals of drinking lots of water, meditation , eating healthy, physical exercise and reading. 

Let friends and family know that you are available and ready for love, you may have been real busy over the last few months or years or however it has taken to get you to this stage so aim to increase your social activity also. Visit places and join clubs that you enjoy, welcome invitations from colleagues at work and follow your intuitions when you start dating

Keep in mind that everything happens in divine timing and not before. If your partner is not showing up, do not be disheartened just continue working on you.

If you are still practicing unhealthy habits that you began before you realized that you were outstanding? Maybe a food, drug or sex addiction that you picked up in a previous relationship then take the time to  first heal yourself so that you are fully prepared to embark on sharing the joy that is you with another!

Making sure that your tank of self adoration's on 'full' is vital. You can not expect someone to show you love that you are not first willing to give to yourself 'that would not be fair.' Go in to any relationship with a desire to give not receive.

If both people come to the table full in joy then together they can only manifest more of the same. Do not rely on anyone else to make you happy, that is your responsibility.

Remember why your single in the first place. This is your season to truly shine so make sure you really do. You have to enjoy the relationship with yourself before you can enjoy being in one with a significant other.

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