A single Girls Guide to Happiness!

Love Yourself

Love yourself starting right now!

Being single can at times make you feel as though you are all alone in the world, depressed, frustrated and missing the intimacy of another.

We do not always realise that love in fact is infinite and can be tapped in to at any chosen moment.  It begins by loving yourself!

Instead of dwelling on the things you miss giving and receiving from a significant other focus on giving those things to you.

Loving yourself involves having the integrity to keep the promises you make to yourself and others while always taking care of your body mind and soul.

Detoxing on a regular basis and keeping an eye on the company you surround yourself with. Watching what you eat as well as what you say and how you say it. It requires having a higher standard for yourself than anyone else would ever expect of you.

~Unlike any other journey you take, the one for loving yourself  may be the hardest ever as it involves taking quantum leaps~

If you are single then this is the perfect season to build the most important relationship in your life. The one with you!

Make any adjustments necessary starting from now as you begin to create in your minds eye the type of future you really want. Your perfect home, relationships, career, money and more. Create a vision board to help with the process.

Use this time as a single girl wisely. As a woman you are on a mission to be a shining example of what a real 'star' should be. Shine your light so it will allow others to do the same.

It is important to understand whatever your age religious belief or background may be, love is available to you at all times. Like with all energy it just needs to be tuned in too. Much like how a radio works it requires you to vibrate on the correct  frequency.

Just like there are laws for gravity there are other universal laws at play including the law of attraction. 'Meaning that we can only attract in to our lives that what we are being and becoming.

When you honour, respect and appreciate yourself you set the bar for how others are allowed to treat you. If you are average then you will attract less than average outcomes the same as if you are great you will only receive good results.

So be exceptional and stand out in the crowd for putting in that extra amount of effort or 'Angel dust' as I like to call it in to every thing you do.

When people are in love it truly shows, their complexions glow and a sparkle never leaves their eye. 'you know exactly what I mean' there is something about that energy that just cant help but shine.

Well the great thing is you do not have to wait for someone special to enter your life to begin feeling that way because 'you are' that special person and you deserve to be in love with 'you' every day.

Buy yourself flowers and display them in your home or office, remind yourself on a daily basis how beautiful you are on the inside and out. Get confident by taking action in pursuing your dreams and give thanks and enjoy the resources you have available now instead of always wanting more.

 ~The grass is not greener on the other side. It is greener where you water it~


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