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Light and Dark Forces

by Victoria Grant

There are light and dark forces working within us all much like night and day..

If you have ever found yourself battling with anything like addiction or unhealthy habits then you will know first hand how hard it is to overcome what seems like the war in your mind.

When you finally reach a point of no return and the voices inside keep reminding you that 'something needs to change' you attempt the difficult task of trying to 'win' your life back...

It almost feels like an entity is controlling your thoughts and actions making you do the thing that you now know no longer serves you...

So what do you do?

Well first of all you will have to realise the patterns of your habit, the emotions you feel when you indulge in your vice of choice before and after the hit.

''What you may begin to realise is that your demons live in the 'dark.''

When something lives in the Dark... it will NEVER come to the light, for in the Light it also becomes light! Therefore if you want to slay your demons you must do so in the dark...

''And the darkness can be a scary place, a place where you cannot see the end, the unknown, the barron voided cave that exisits witihin us all, a place that causes anxiety and pain.''

Therefore in order for you to be the 'Victor' it will take blind faith!

Faith that in your darkest hour and when all hope feels lost 'you know' that after dark there always comes light.

If you can manage to hold on in 'pure faith' during your withdrawals, depression, mood swings, anxiety, sheer panic, and negative thoughts - then eventually you would have 'Won.'

Life is all about light & dark. Live in the light for no demons can survive in that place..

Both light and dark are equal in strength - it is up to you to decide who you strengthen further.

Remember that the 'Sun' always rises and the Night always falls so be aware of what you lay focus on from within. Faith is the ONLY way to success in any area of your life!

See e book 'Seven Steps to Success' for further guidance.

Love and Light x

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