A single Girls Guide to Happiness!


What are your current lifestyle conditions like? Are you living life everyday to the fullest or do you find yourself feeling down and unfulfilled, wondering your purpose , complaining or blaming others for where you are today.

We can always do more, be more and have more its just that most people settle for less than they know they are worth because they are too lazy to break out of their comfort zone.

~Life begins at the end of your comfort zone~

Its up to you to style your life the way you want it. Just as you would style your hair and clothes! Get clear in your minds eye about the what your ideal life would look, feel, taste and even smell like. And begin to work towards it.

Create a spider gram and brainstorm ideas for your dream lifestyle. Include your career, relationship, attitude, level of income, places you wish to see, charities you will support and more.... Think Big!

Get pictures from the internet or magazines and stick them next to the matched desire. This is what you will work towards.

Once you know where you are heading it becomes easier to carve out a route to get there. You have designed the life you live today from actions and thoughts from your past and your future will be based on those of today.

When you design your future it becomes easier to handle the various day to day challenges as you know exacltly what you are working toward and let nothing get in your way. Always ask yourself if something is helping or hindering you. If it falls in the latter then leave it alone. That which is not lifting you up is pulling you down.

Set a high standard on yourself to be exceptional and aim for the best in everything you do. It is your duty to grow and expand in to your true higher self. so don't ever settle for less than your worth.

Check yourself regulary and take notes. Who do you spend most of your time with, are your friends supportive, ambitious, motivators or do they often worry, gossip, proctastinate and moan about the world. There is a famous saying 'show me your company and ill tell you who you are' and it rings true here. Whoever you spend most of your time with 'you become.'

You do not have to ditch all of your nearest and dearest just know them for who they are and keep your dreams to yourself. It may be exciting for you barking on a journey of self discovery see Ebook Keys to unlocking your Power however it is your journey and others may not understand. Let your actions speak for themselves.

If your life is not how you want it to be then assess not only your peers and relationships, but your daily routines, excerize, healthy food intake, spirituality and education.

Maybe one or more of the above need to be focused on in order for you to move forward in to your dream life and if so then like the famous brand Nike say's;

'just do it..'

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