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I have no idea where to meet guys! - Jen

by Jen

I live in a rural area where people marry young. I'm pushing 30 and cannot seem to meet available men. I go out to events, and do things I enjoy solo or with friends to get myself out there. No luck.

Very few men are without a girl on their arms, and ones that are never seem interested. I don't know what else to do! I can't find a guy to get a date in the first place!

Where can I meet guys?


Dear Jen

Thank you for your heartfelt question..
In my humble opinion Jen I believe that whatever is for you in life will never pass you by!

I understand the feelings that can arise from being the only 'single' one out of all of your friends who may already be settled down building their family's but the truth of the matter is that the world is so much bigger than our 'small' towns and city's and if you are not finding what you want where you currently are then maybe its time to cast your 'rod out' a little bit further.

I am not sure where you are in your own personal life ie- with your self worth, confidence, esteem, personal power and goals..

But I am assuming that you are in a great place with all of the above if you are now feeling ready to secure a 'healthy' relationship with another! 'If you are not yet secure with all of the above then I urge you to please read my new books 'Girls Guide to being Outstanding and 'Seven Steps to Success' as they provide guidance and tools for becoming Mrs Right before you can attract Mr Right.

As I said at the beginning of this post 'Nothing meant for you will pass you' so live in faith while you become the 'best you' that eventually your mate will appear.

In the meantime I always advise my readers to 'work on you' by doing that you are living within your purpose and raising the standards that you hold for yourself and others...

When you do finaly attract your mate he will be of a high calibre such as yourself.

Think about your career 'does it fit your passion?' if not think about a business you could start.. This will get you in the arena of networking, socialising and maybe even travel..

'As I said cast your rod further'

By becoming more you will attract and manifest more while at the same time 'be happy' which is the key! You cannot expect to have what you are not willing to give. So give to 'You.'

Give yourself all of things you want a partner to give you, including romance, love, compliments, support etcetera..

No one can make you happy.. Your Happiness is your responsibility :o)

If you do feel ready then go ahead and give it a whirl x

If you really want to start dating then try 'Online Dating' sites. Obviously follow the strict safety guidelines.. However what you may find is that the guys you meet are still 'not the one' as you may not be ready for that just yet.

See 'Dating' Section of this website for more information.

Hope This Helps

Your Friend Victoria.

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