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Why is it so important to practice forgiveness?

The answer lies in the realisation that the only one who suffers if you do not is you...

Pain you felt at the hands of another is often hard to swallow and feelings of revenge or harm for that person can rise up inside until you literally need to explode. You can feel overwhelmed in anger and frustration that the one who did you wrong has not been brought to a proper justice that is satisfactory to your needs.

~To forgive does not mean you are weak. It means that you are strong enough to now let go of it's heavy weight~

The easiest way that I find to deal with anyone who 'did me wrong' is to see that they themselves are on a journey through life and can only operate from their current realm of understanding. In other words 'I know that no matter what their intentions may be I have the final decision on how I allow it to make me feel.' It is often said that 'those that anger you control you.'

We are all here to attain happiness as an ultimate and constant goal. In order for you to move forward in life you must learn how to let things go. You can not expect to create a healthy relationship with Mr right in the future if you are carrying around baggage and hurts from the past. You are not punishing anyone but yourself when you fill your mind and body with resentment and anger. These types of negative emotions cause dis-ease. 'water crystal therapy'

If your heart is heavy then you will find it hard to let love shine out from within. weather you have been cheated on, violently attacked or mentaly abused. Creating and practising negative thought patterns causes you to view the world in its reflection. Bleak, dangerous and a scary place to be, where people cant be trusted and truth is rare.

Shake out of those patterns by focusing on love and positivity. Surround yourself and feed your mind with joyful things. Do it for long enough and it will become natural after a short while. Soon enough your the world you choose to focus on will be enchanting. Filled with hero's and people with generous hearts and kind words.

You may not be able to choose everything that happens in your life but you do have the power to choose how you react. Situations, circumstances and others will test your patience and faith daily but it is up to you to rise above and remember that outstanding girls lead. Lead with your inner strength knowing that you deserve the best and that includes a light heart.

A heart that attracts and nurtures love in abundance. Trust in the source that created you too protect and guide you always. Karma works in mysterious ways and just because you may not 'see' the punishment being dealt on your oppressor does not mean that there are none being served.

You will never really know what goes on in someone else’s mind so why waste any precious time trying too? Concentrate instead on what you can control 'you.'

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