Self Confidence..

On a scale of 1- 10 what rating would you give yourself when it comes to self confidence? 10 being extremely confident and 1 – being not at all.

If you are anything lower than a 10 then its time to scoot up a gear and get to the extreme levels of confidence. Life will give you exactly what you demand from it. And the more confident you are the easier it becomes to manifest all of the wonderful things that you desire.

When you are dissatisfied with your current life circumstances it is because you were not born to live in scarcity, your spirit yearns for adventure and for you to be the best version of yourself on every level. If you are not using your full potential in life then you are wasting time and energy. As a result you will ultimately feel pain.

Pain reflects that it is time to heal so that you can move forward to the next level in your journey. Do not curse the pain feeling or try to fight it, instead see it as a sign for to step up your game.

The easiest way to do just that if you are suffering from low self esteem is to 'fake it before you make it' in other words walk tall and act like you are the most confident one in the room.

Practice meditation regularly and deep breathing exercises for when you feel anxious of nervous in social situations. If you learn to overcome the fear within you will no longer allow external factors to influence how you are feeling at any given moment.

You are fully in control of your thoughts actions and words. Only you can decide if your perception of the world be be an adventure of a scary place.

There are things you dream of achieving and  your purpose on earth awaits your decision to be more confident.

Confident people are those who know what they want and go after it. They work smart, hard and always have a plan. A vision so rich within their mind that they become compelled to be the best.

They are not arrogant or superior yet understand their immense power as it has proved it's self time and time again to never fail. Through visualizations, faith and belief they perform to their highest standards and always come out victorious.

Learn to love your individuality. You were created unique so there is no point trying to be a better version of someone else. Be the best version of you. Take responsibility for the kind of images you expose yourself too and stay in total control of what you feed your mind. It will either build or break down the way you feel inside.

If you don't feel lucky or blessed to be alive then you are focusing on the wrong things. Look at the many societies where children do not have access to clean water or medical supplies. They would love to have your life right now!

Focus on helping those who have less than you. That is one sure way to always know you have enough.

Lastly remember that your life is a reflection of the beliefs you hold on to. Change your mind to be a better more outstanding you.

~Fake it till you make it~

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