A single Girls Guide to Happiness!


If you have ever fallen victim at the hands of a cheater, by the one who claims to love you? it can feel as though your whole world has been turned upside down. You may have decided to take your partner back believing that they had changed only to be fooled once again as more betrayal unfolds.

Everyone in life has the capacity to be faithful or unfaithful and there are many factors that make up why one would choose the latter.

When someone cheats they may find a million excuses for the fact, some may even seem valid at the time depending on your situation but the truth remains that any form of cheating is a display of disloyalty.

In today’s society it is easy to be single and be outstanding. 'You should know right' so why anyone would feel the need to play away from home beats me...

If someone you loved was unfaithful to you then be thankful. For as with everything it is a blessing, 'although maybe in disguise.' when someone reveals their true self to you they give you the power to treat them accordingly. It is always a bonus to fully know who you are dealing with!

It becomes your choice too remove yourself from people who do not hold you in the highest of regards. Never make someone a priority when too them you are only an option. There are some things that are out of your control and no matter how good you look, cook or have sex anyone can fall victim to betrayal and It is not your fault whatsoever.

The only thing you need to do is learn from the experience, grow and move forward.

The same holds true if you are the one doing the being deceitful. If you are truly ready to stop then take the lessons it has brought you and forgive yourself. Understand how to be empathetic to other peoples feelings and put yourself in their shoes. I am sure you wouldn’t want it done to you? Or if it has been already then you will be aware of how much it hurts.

~There is growth in pain~

There can be no experience that does not offer growth and I figure the more painful it is the more growth is being offered.

When something happens to you that you are uncomfortable with see it from two sides and always look for the opportunity to become more. Only when the time is right will you be able to find and keep love. Until then carry on being single or not!

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