A single Girls Guide to Happiness!

All Growth requires Change x

by Victoria Grant

Way to often we are led to believe that for us to be the best version of ourselves we must make major changes in every area of our lives.

The reality is that 'major change' requires 'small change.' If you commit to one new positive action towards your dreams eventually you will have built up enough will power to improve on all other aspects.

Every small thing you do becomes a foundation for the bigger things to stand upon. Every action you take is linked and you cannot be doing well in one area of your life and not the next.

Contentment comes when you are acting in spite of your fears, taking the steps you know you 'must' to achieve your personal success. Not when you are obtaining material objects and competing with others to validate your worth.

Erase from your mind what the next person is doing so that you can clear space to compete with yourself. Be focused on becoming your personal best daily in everything you do.

Baby steps lead to adult steps so do not be discouraged if things don’t happen within your own time scale. Just start NOW!

Whatever it is that you have been procrastinating about thus far stop!

'Just do it.' ~Nike~

There is a power so magnificent working for you that cannot be explained a creative force that governs your life and mine. And this power that somehow knows exactly what we need and when we need it. Trust in these invisible forces and have faith that you are protected and guided always.

If you are completely satisfied in your life then give thanks and help those around you. If however you are not satisfied then establish what needs to be changed.

Exercise and diet control your mind and physical body so if you are finding it difficult to be your personal best and you are not regularly training and eating well then please start to do so. It will increase your energy which will in turn enable you to make the right choices.

There is no 'right and wrong' in my book, there is just 'right and left.' When you go left as we all do from time to time you will either end up at 'right' eventually or continue in a cycle 'like a number 8' enduring the same tests over and over again until you decide to learn the lesson being taught and excel to the next level.

In order for you to do this and 'grow' you 'must' change.

~There is no growth without change~

Love and Light

Victory Granted

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