A single Girls Guide to Happiness!


Are you currently suffering addiction to drugs, sex, food, alcohol, fame or something else?

Who is the master of your ship. Ship being a metaphor for your life! If you are fighting with any type of unhealthy habit then you are not the one fully in control.

Firstly ask yourself the all important 'why' you want to change... What has led you here to this moment where you know that the unhealthy habit you have treasured must be released? if you do not know 'why' you want to change or obtain something then you will never be shown the 'how.'

Get clear in your own mind as to what is driving you away from the addiction. Maybe its family members being affected, your job, relationship's, lifestyle or something else. Whatever it is write it down so that it becomes a goal for you to work towards.

~Excuses are simply fear of change~

whenever you feel low or tempted back in to old habits 'as you will do' use the information written down as your anchor to keep grounded.

When you reach a realization that enough is enough and no longer wish to indulge in those unhealthy habits born from the past, you will know on a deeper level that in order for your life to become a reflection of your higher self that you must first reclaim your power and make a positive change.

Remember that you are literally being possessed right now! and we all know that possession is nine tenths of the law. Whoever has possession declares ownership.

It is time to release the demon that controls your mind. The entity that attacks when you starve it from the substance of choice. Be it food, prescription drugs, cigarettes or any other. 

You were born with natural abilities to heal yourself and create healthy states of ecstasy through practicing meditation, making love, gratitude, prayer, keeping fit and feeding your body and mind with inspirational literature, images, food and water.

Trust that you are on all levels outstanding and have been blessed with the innate power to relieve your own stress, doubts and fear and that you no longer require something outside of your self to take away the pain. Whatever unhealthy addictions you currently have, can be overcome.

It will not be easy at first as your body searches for the pleasure that it once had and there will be discomfort, but that is a sign of growth. You can not grow a muscle without enduring some pain.

In the beginning stages of setting yourself free there will be a battle of wills between your higher self and the entity that currently holds possession. The entity will be much stronger and will try and trick you in to believing that 'it' is your true self, and that your 'higher self' is simply an illusion. 'But do not be fooled!'

The entity is strong but you are stronger. Remember that 'Fear is for prey' and you are not prey. You are a hunter able to provide all of the necessities needed for a full-filled life on every level. 

Face the fear and do it anyway, face the addiction head on focusing one hour/ day/ week at a time knowing that you are being supported by the highest power.

A power that governs 99% of all creation. The unknown.

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