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Dating Advice!

Are you seriously ready to begin dating, or are you petrified at the mere thought of meeting someone new?

Either way the fact remains that sooner or later you will reach a point when you decide to address the issue of dating. Its a natural transition for a single girl and if  you have reached that moment in your life then the following guidance could be just exactly you need.

1 – before you decide that you are ready to date make sure that you are fully over your Ex and have a very open mind. Do not expect to meet your soul mate on the first date either, in fact have no real expectations for the other person at all. Have faith that whatever happens you will take from the experience if nothing else the lessons.

2 – Remember that your date will be as nervous as you 'yes guys do get nervous' so play it cool and just be yourself. There is no point trying to be something you are not. People are attracted to authenticity to those who have a passion and purpose for their lives. 'Hence celebrity culture' whom many adore.

3 – Have fun and laugh, don't take it serious like an interview 'although it can at times seem that way.' Never the less it is not and should remain a pleasant evening. Try no to be disappointed if it seems as though there is no romantic connection, remember that you met for 'a reason' it could be business. So keep an open mind.

4 – Too often people meet feel an attraction get together intimately and then never see each other again... How bizarre that truly sounds out loud but as a matter of fact that is precisely what is going on all throughout the western culture. Do not fall in to that trap as you may be missing out on the 'real' reason the universe brought you two people together.

5 – Get to know someone properly before sharing your 'precious' with them. If someone really likes you they wont mind waiting a while to be intimate with you. When you share yourself freely from the beginning you are simply showing that the standards you place on yourself are not that high and as a result you will get treated as such.

6 – If you do eventually get to the stage when you want to be intimate on any level with another then please 'use protection'. As stated in number fives tip your body is your temple and should be treated as 'precious' at all times. No matter how much you think you like someone until you are both in a monogamous relationship together and have been checked out at the clinic for any STI's or diseases you should not want to be sharing bodily fluids.

For more information visit the sexual health website

7 - Be positive about entering new experience's and visualize the kind of person you want to portray yourself as. Be your best and remember to listen more than you talk. Get to know the other persons interests and be open and honest about what you really want. Are you ready to settle down? Or are you enjoying the freedom of being single but just love the romantic company of another your preference be sure to express this to y our date. That way there are no surprises.

8 - Knowing exactly what you want gives you a clearer outlook on the situation at hand in any area of your life and that includes dating. As the old saying goes ~If you stand for nothing you will fall for anything~ By now you know that you are the pilot of this your life journey so remain in control of the things that are within your power and being decisive is a major part of that. Full chapter on the importance of 'decision' available in my Ebook an  'A-Z girls guide to being outstanding'

9 - Avoid getting caught with deep feelings for someone who does not even notice you are there. If the love you feel for another is unrequited then leave it alone. As tough as it may be when 'they don't call or text' or return any of your attempts to get together it is for a reason. And you are an outstanding girl so you are also very blessed. You may not know yet why something is the way it is but I always say that the Universe has a plan. Something better is coming as long as you remain in faith and be your best.

10 – Give thanks for each moment and remember to enjoy the process of dating in all of its entirety as much as you will enjoy the fulfillment of meeting Mr Right. Take the positives from each situation and dont put pressure on yourself to feel something strong for another straight away. Be playful, have fun and laugh a lot. Appreciate the compliments you receive, accept and give them away freely.

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