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A Website was born!

My name is Victoria Grant and I am the creator and author of this website Single girls guide.com and Inspirational Quotes and Guidance.com

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Back in 2011 I decided to create inspirational-quotes-guidance.com

It was time for me to share with the world my inspirational quotes on life along with other great authors.  

Offering loving guidance with an aim to uplift and inspire others to reach their personal peaks and to live out their dream lives. 

The website started as sort of a hobby. Doing what I love 'which is to write' while at the same time being able to give back a piece of my heart to others worldwide. I enjoyed the positive effects it was having on me and those that it touched. And it soon became something much more!

A desire began inside that was so strong I knew I had found my true purpose in life and that was too 'inspire, uplift and create.'

The response daily from visitors at inspirational quotes and guidance was amazing, I was literally helping people while I slept, inspiring them to make positive changes, free unhealthy habits and stick to their plans. The feeling overwhelmed me and I just knew I had to do more...

In the months that followed the website steadily grew in to the tens of thousands per month and I decided to add an advice column called 'Ask Tori.'

It was then I began to receive emails and contact from visitors regarding their single statuses!

There was an influx too of questions on my 'yahoo answers' page from people in similar situations yearning for some great advice on being happy while single.

It was then that a light bulb moment went occurred and as it was with my first website, single-girlsguide.com was born.

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